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The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) provides an interface to search and browse over 2 million print and on-line information resources. While the print collection offers an extensive coverage of socio-economic data on Africa, the on-line collection provides access to a host of open source and other-freely available on-line resources, 35 premium full-text databases and close to 100,000 titles of e-journals and e-books.

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New Arrivals

The ECA Knowledge Services Section's (KSS's) collections include; books, periodicals, pamphic, maps, microfiche, bibliographic databases, videotapes and online full text databases. The online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) provides an interface to search and browse the library website is your portal for accessing all e-resources. KSS has one of the most comprehensive collections of materials on economic and social development in Africa.

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New eBooks, Journals & Databases

KSS provides its users with access to over 63,000 physical volumes and over 95,000 titles, including fulll-text journals, newspapers, and e-books. To see if ECA KSS has access to a specific online journals or e-book, please visit the A-Z online Journal or e-Book finder. Visit our Institutional Repository(IR) for ECA publications from 1958 to present. Visit the KSS's online catalogue(OPAC) to search for print holdings. Browse the host of databases & journals by title.

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The ECA Library produces and publishes research guides for the staff at the ECA. These libguides, as they are called, are electronic publications which provide research assistance on a subject of exploratory interest and contain links to resources from the library (books, databases, multimedia), the ECA institutional repository and online resources of thematic relevance.

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